Today's the day

It’s the day of your wedding, the day you have been planning for months, for years, maybe even forever so you just want everything to go right – right? You are certainly not alone.

The day goes by in a flash so it is really important to savour every moment and not get distracted by things that are out of your control. We have put together a few thoughts that might just help you keep calm and help you to make the most of every minute when the big day arrives.

Don't over analyse

You will have rehearsed in your mind how the day will unfold, you will have talked about it, you will have dreamt about it but this is the real thing now and sometimes not every detail goes exactly to plan. It’s time to drop the plan and go with the flow. Your hard work leading up to the day will pay off and everything will be in place so anything that goes a little off the radar should not dampen all of the good stuff.

Look after yourself

Remember to eat and drink plenty of water. It's a really full on day and it’s easy to get distracted and forget about simple things like eating. Make sure you get a good breakfast which will set you up nicely for the day ahead.

Hand over the reins

People will want to help and you should certainly let them. Hand out the checklists, put people in charge. Even if you are a complete control freak, now is not the time to keep it all to yourself. Everyone has a job to do and yours is to enjoy your wedding day so hand over the reins and make the most of it.

Trust the professionals

One of the biggest influences when choosing a wedding venue is your confidence in the team so let them do their job. Trust that they are there to make sure everything goes well and if something out of the ordinary does happen, then they will deal with it so don't worry.

Be a wedding guest too

So many couples forget to try the evening buffet or don't get around to having photos taken in the photo booth. You’ve put all these things in place, you’ve worked hard to make it an amazing day so make sure that you join in the fun too. You could ask one of your bridal party to remind you – that may sound odd but you will be easily distracted so it's a great way to make sure you enjoy every aspect of the day.

Take time out

Everyone is there for you and you will love every minute but there’s nothing wrong with taking just a few minutes out for yourselves. Take a wander around the grounds, watch your guests from afar and soak up the enormity of the promises that you have made. It will be a time that you will remember and talk about forever.

Just do it

The most important thing of all is to relax, to enjoy and to build amazing memories. Your wedding day is the first day of your amazing journey together as a married couple. Savour every moment and start your happy ever after right now.