It’s all about the dress

Where do you start? There are so many dresses out there that brides are certainly spoilt for choice. You might find your perfect dress first time but even if you do, you are likely to want to try plenty of others as well. Here are our top 5 tips to finding your dress and making sure it’s perfect for you.

Think about who to take

You will probably have lots of people around you who are willing to come along and give you advice as you try on various dresses. However remember that too many opinions can just make the process very difficult. Make sure that you take someone who’s opinion you trust, who will tell you the truth but also not be offended if you don't agree. Remember it is all about you, what you want and what makes you feel great. Maybe discuss some ideas before you go so that they know what elements are really important to you. Most of all keep it light-hearted, it should be fun not an added stress.

Move around

You may walk out of the changing room and look in the mirror and feel a million dollars but remember you will be spending a lot of the day sitting down and walking around too. Make sure you take a seat and see how it feels, crouch, walk, bend and even dance a little too. You need to feel comfortable in your dress and not be fiddling with it. The more relaxed you can be, the better you will feel and your photographs will be amazing.

Be prepared

Take along some accessories or ask to borrow some if you haven’t got any yet. Shoes are really important, make sure you try on your dress with at least similar shoes to those you will be wearing on the day to check the length and see how it hangs. Wear good underwear too, if you are going for a strapless dress then make sure you have strapless underwear, it will give you a much better idea of how the dress will look on the day. It’s worth having a practice with your hair and makeup as well if you have time, hair up or hair down can make a real difference to the overall effect. Take pictures and lots of them, that way you will remember exactly what you did or didn't like about each one.

Be practical

By the time you start seriously dress shopping you probably will have visited your venue several times and know the set up through and through. Think about the details while you are looking at dresses, are there any narrow aisles that you need to go through, steps to climb, grassed areas to walk over. Make sure that your style of dress isn’t going to cause any problems when moving around your venue.

Be open minded

It is so often the case that what we think we want, isn’t anything like what we actually love. It is definitely worth trying on a variety of dresses and not stick to one single style too early in the process. It’s likely to be a type of dress that you have never worn before so you wont necessarily know what works and what doesn't. Give them all a go and then when you find the one – you will know.

Enjoy this special experience, it’s another big step towards your big day.