The Marquee

One size to fit all

Our marquee is big enough to fit in any size wedding. It can seat up to 200 guests and has enough space for an extra 100 guests in the evening! That's one huge wedding, and sounds like a great night!


First dance under the stars

We have a large dancefloor, to make sure that everyone gets up to have a boogie. If you look above, we have a stunning starlit ceiling, to give you an extra special first dance.


Not just for the showstoppers

Although our marquee can accommodate weddings of up to 300 guests, it doesn't look empty with a lot fewer guests. The marquee can still look stunning and full with as little as 40 guests.

The large marquee has a smaller marquee within it, which can be separated to provide a smaller space for more intimate weddings. This can seat up to 40 people.