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Terms & Conditions


1.Bookings are on the understanding that the following Terms and Conditions are accepted.


2.All requests for bookings must be confirmed in writing by returning the Booking Form together with 50% of the venue fee.  This is NON REFUNDABLE


3.The organisation and/or individual in whose name the booking is made will be considered the Hirer, and shall be jointly and severally liable in respect of the booking.


4.Westenhanger Castle reserves the right to cancel the booking if the holding of the function is prevented by reasons of circumstances beyond the control of Westenhanger Castle.  In no event will Westenhanger Castle be liable for any loss or damage arising from such cancellations.  Westenhanger Castle is an important historic building and is subject to on-going conservation work.  The continuous maintenance programme could mean that certain areas of Westenhanger Castle might be affected by the erection of scaffolding on the external walls of the building.


5.Six months prior to your wedding 10% of your food costs are payable together with the balance of the venue fee.


6.Provisional numbers of guests attending should be given at the time of booking, but a firm number, upon which the account will be based, must be given forty two days in advance of the function together with the remaining balance.  No refunds will be given if numbers reduce and an additional fee may be incurred.


7.The following cancellation charges will apply:


(i)Less than 42 days prior to event 50% of final account.


Any cancellation or postponement must be confirmed in writing.


Cheques should be made payable t/a Westenhanger Castle (Kent Castle Ltd).


8.Accounts for all functions must be paid 42 days before the function date.  All prices are inclusive of VAT, which is chargeable at 20%.


9.Westenhanger Castle shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property arising out of the holding of a function or event or any injury which may be incurred by, or done or happen to, any persons during the holding of a function arising from any cause whatsoever. Nor shall Westenhanger Castle be responsible for any loss due to mechanical breakdown, failure in electricity supply, flood, fire, Government restriction or act of God which may cause Westenhanger Castle premises to be temporarily closed or the function interrupted.



10.Westenhanger Castle does not accept responsibility for the property of clients/customers or guests.  The client will conduct the event in an orderly fashion, ensure no nuisance is caused, comply with any requests from the management and abide by all applicable rules and regulations.


11.Westenhanger Castle reserves the right to ask any person or group of persons to vacate Westenhanger Castle premises immediately for bad behaviour or malicious damage to Westenhanger Castle property.


Both English Heritage and the National Trust have an interest in the Westenhanger Castle estate and its listed buildings; you are expected to respect the historical value and the delicate balance Westenhanger Castle maintains between allowing the beauty of the estate to be accessible to organisations such as yourselves and the need to preserve the grounds and buildings for future generations.


12.No smoking is permitted inside the building.  Flash photography inside the building is by prior arrangement.  Fireworks may be permitted, but you may only use AJ Fireworks.


13.A customer or guest of a customer may not bring any food, wine, beers or spirits into Westenhanger Castle, unless prior consent has been obtained in writing.


14.Functions are required to finish at the times agreed when the booking was confirmed.  Extensions to these times, should they be possible, will incur additional charges.


15.Please note that where extensions to bars are required, these times are subject to the agreement of the local Licensing Authority.


16.No signs or other items shall be placed inside or outside or affixed to any part of Westenhanger Castle premises or grounds by any means without the consent of Westenhanger Castle.  The Hirer shall be responsible for any damage caused to the allocated rooms by any act, default or neglect of the Hirer, sub-contractor or guests, and the Hirer shall pay to Westenhanger Castle on demand the amount required to make good any such damage.


17.Since we do have some neighbours, music must be kept to a reasonable noise level, which will be determined by the Westenhanger Castle Management or their deputies.


18.Consideration to be shown at all times for other residential or non-residential visitors to Westenhanger Castle.




19.Any publicity for functions at Westenhanger Castle must be agreed by the Management and should be of a standard to reflect the quality of Westenhanger Castle


20.Prices quoted are subject to variation up to three months prior to the function, after which they may vary due to budget, value added tax, inflation, currency variation or other reasons, which are outside the Management’s control.


21.If you have been given access the day prior this will be between the hours of 14.00 & 18.00 on the special day its self will be from 09.00-00.00, all items must be removed by 11.00 the day after your function.  We do not except any liability for loss or damage to any items whatsoever..


22.Any drink that is purchased specifically for your function at the request from you is subject to a deposit being held of minimum of £100.00 per bottle of sprit or keg.  This is returned if the bottle or keg are drunk, or a percentage will be returned if we can resell at future events.


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