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Westenhanger Castle

Stone Street


Kent CT21 4HX


Telephone: 01303 261068


Web Site:


Further Enquiries:


Mrs Sarah Poole




Westenhanger is situated adjacent to the M20 Junction 11.


Link in Google Maps.


By Train:


Nearest stations:


Westenhanger or Ashford

There is a taxi rank at both stations.


For all British Rail enquiries, telephone: 0845 7484950


There is landing space for helicopters (advance notice required)


Distances and Travel Times


By Road By Rail Miles


*London (A2/M25) 1Hr 47mins 1 Hr 30 mins 65 miles


Canterbury (A2/M2) 32mins 37 mins 16 miles


Dover (A2/M2) 20 mins 21 mins 15 miles


*Heathrow Airport (A2/M25) 1 hr 30mins 2 Hrs 10mins 88 miles


*Gatwick Airport (A2/M25/M23) 1 hr 5 mins 1 Hr 50 mins 67 miles


*Stansted Airport (A2/M25/M11) 1 hr 45 mins 2 Hrs 25 mins 89 miles


* Allow extra time for delays.


These are only guides from Charing Cross (London) to the various airports.